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Energy and
Environment with

Geolit Energy

Geolit Energy

Business Area

This is Geolit Energy’s Business Area.

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01Geothermal Heating And Cooling System
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02Hydrothermal Cooling and Heating System
사업영역3 사업영역3
03Solar Energy System
사업영역4 사업영역4
04Fuel Cell System
사업영역5 사업영역5
05Lithium Extraction

The Geothermal heating and cooling system is an eco-friendly technology that absorbs indoor heat and releases it to the ground in the summer and absorbs the heat from the ground and supplies it indoors in the winter by using the temperature difference.

The Hydrothermal heating and cooling system is a technology that uses the temperature energy of water to release heat within the building to water resources during cooling, and to supply heat from water resources supply it to the indoors during heating.

Solar Energy System is a power generation technology that produces electricity by directly converting the light energy of the sun, and uses solar cells that generate electricity by the photoelectric effect when sunlight is received.

A Fuel cell is an electrochemical power generation device that produces electricity from hydrogen and oxygen, and is a highly efficient, eco-friendly power generation system that simultaneously produces electricity and heat (hot water) using city gas.

Lithium is a key material for electric vehicle batteries, and its demand continues to grow. Lithium is produced through an eco-friendly and economical lithium extraction technology.